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Why Food & Processing

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Importance of food?
It should go without saying, but food is the basic need for human life. There are many things that human, or any living thing, can live without, but food is not one o those "things"... no could survive without food . Food is essential for growth, energy production, repair of cells and the maintenance of proper health. You can only live a limited time without food.

Food processing is used to convert inedible agricultural products into edible food items and to preserve the supply of agricultural products for later use. The importance of food processing is to preserve food and to free man from total dependence on geography and climate in providing his and/or her nutritional requirements.

As much as the inhabitants of large metro areas would like to minimize the importance of "fly-over" country, the truth is that they simply could not survive without the rural, food growing areas. It is important for rural areas to recognize the importance of the food complex in any plans of economic development.

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