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This is may be a favorite division... what do we have that folks in New York City do not have?.. DIRT!.. no, I mean real dirt - soil, Mother Earth! .. the true source of food! (well, not entirely - there is hydroponics). How many gardens do you suppose there are in New York City or Los Angeles? Economist will tell you that cities probably do not have more than 3 days of food stuffs, should SHTF or any catastrophe occur that would effect source, warehousing, distribution, shipping or any combination of those factors. Water could also be a problem, but, that is another story for later. What else do we have that the large cities do not have?.. Critters!.. of all kinds - beef, pork, sheep, goats, broilers, turkeys, rabbits, and a lot of other slightly more exotic animals.

Maybe a FoodHub!...
Small Cities and Towns could be self-sustaining in food and water. Many Communites are already planning and designing their own FoodHub. But it is not likely that competition will effect the intended results. So, why not 'plant'  those empty lots and/or make contractual arrangements on some small parcels to raise food. If you think that vegetables have to come from California or Mexico, think again. I know there are a lot of folks that know how to use a pressure cooker to 'can' about anything. How many tomatoes and how much sweet corn go to waste in our part of the country? I know there are folks that know how to make 'jerky'. Of course this process could spawn the need for a "Commercial Kitchen" to accomodate growers and producers in a particular area.

Oh, there is so much more that could fit into this division. Example; one of my daughters used to raise 100 broilers in an 8' x 12' chicken house and she would do this at least 3 times during the year, and her name was (is) not Tyson! I fully recognize that the Department of Health has a very strict and rigid rules for processing food products, but that only means that we need to be diligent on the investigation and analysis of the project to be undertaken, and comply with necessary inspection regulations.

Rent and Plant Garden Spots: Sell some, can/process/package food stock, e.g. beans, onions, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and more that can be canned, cured, preserved, etc.
Numerous formulas to be tested, produced, packaged, marketed....

Example: Kefir soda (sugarless pop) - Store-bought soda pop is really, really bad for you. First of all, you’re drinking a ton of sugar which sets you up for obesity and diabetes. But it’s not just sugar you have to worry about anymore. These days, soda pop is made with high fructose corn syrup or, just as bad, aspartame. These are not things you want to be putting in your body. Kefir soda pop is easy to make with water kefir grains. Not only is this homemade soda pop delicious and refreshing, it’s so easy to make!
Do you think think "health conscious" folks would buy such a product?.. I would bet that there is a high probability.... Maybe use the aforementioned Commercial Kitchen to produce, if there is a desire to sell the product.
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