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Complex Outline

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The Vehicles Complex
is an ideal considration for a small community's economic development. The overhead can be much lower than a metro area and the cost of labor is significantly less than the metro communities, plus there is generally a wealth of "good ole boy wrenchers"  that are invaluable to such a project. When (not 'if') SHTF, this industry can carry on - folks are going to need vehicles... low cost vehicles... going to need to keep the old one working longer... or replace an engine or tranny rather than buying a new one. Well this could be a presentation unto itself... give it some thought.
NOTE: click here for a description of the Vehicle Breaking Complex
I. Legal - integrate & incorporate with current company(s)
   A. setup LLC or some form to allow sale of shares/memberships?
   B. accountant & insurance
II. Tools, Equipment, etc.
   A. tools, wash cabinet, hoist, tire machine, welder, alignment, _____
III. Marketing / Sales
   A. Contact Local Mechanics businesses -  Southwest  Iowa, Southeast Nebraska & Northwest Missouri
   B. Free & Fee(?) Inspection Service
              1. seals, bearings, gaskets, belts, hoses, brakes, sensors, leaks & drips, etc. – computer diagnostics
   C.  website, Facebook, mailings, Flyers, etc.
1. postcard mailings
2. direct sales
   D. eCommerce (future possibility - orders via internet)
   E. vehicle dealer sales - future possibility
IV. Phase 1 - Service
    A. all mechanic services... give serious consideration to focusing on...
major engines & trannies replacement & body swapping
V. Phase 2 - Break vehicles (requires location and license)
 A. location - small Communities' possible
VI. Phase 3 - Rebuild
... buy popular engines and transmissions from salvage yards and rebuiild
  A. primarily engines & trannies (reference Springfield Remanufacture - )
  B. secondarily small parts – alternators, starters, etc.
VII. Phase 4 - Parts sales (optional)
  A. We Pull It
        1. pull parts to order
        2. pull parts to inventory (need a warehouse facility – tbd)
  B. Source
        1. Buy & Break (primary) - prep for Salvage license... see II. above
        2. U-Pull-It (secondary-Omaha)
        3. other locations / contract to pull / distributors
            a. Action Towing,
            b. salvage lots
 C. Suspects/Prospects
        1. area auto dealers & mechanics' shops
        2. eBay / Craigslist / internet
 D. Warehouse ?.. location?
NOTE: click here for a description of the Vehicle Breaking Complex
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