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Commercial Kitchen

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With the rapidily increasing number of local and area Farmer's Markets, it could be a good time to consider a Commercial Kitchen. There are a number of the Vendors that attend these outlets that may very well have in intgerest it marketing their product far beyond the local farmer's market outlet but do not have the knowledge or wherewithal to know what, or how, to take the required marketing step. Unlike a number of years in the past when there was no major obstruction to selling a product anywhere and to anyone, today the governmental regulations are very restrictive - from preparation to packaging and labeling. A Commercial Kitchen can be a real boon to the local vendors, as well as to solicit vendors from surrounding areas.
In our case, it may be designed as a state or federally inspected facility that would allow for processing and labeling in order for the Commercial Kitchen customer to be able to resell their product. A wide array of services may be available to accommodate a spectrum of products that be of interest to a number of different products.

Samples: Kitchen Council / Omaha
Commercial kitchen definition
A commercial kitchen is used for preparing food for sale to the public or membership in an organization that uses the kitchen; a commercial kitchen usually must have an inspection by the local health dept. of other authority before it is used for commercial purposes.

It is very important to plan for a wide range of potential customers and their specialty products. Example, meat and poultry can not be processed and prepared in the same physical area (room) as fruits and vegatables - at least on a continuing basis. This is just one of the areas that need to be reviewed  in the early planning stages.
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