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Boutique Manufacturing

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This article could relate to the Murphy Building, Red Oak... The concept should/could be considered by a number of small communities that have abandoned schools and related facilities that may be difficult for a single company to utilitize. A number of small rural communities have experienced this situation where their education needs for their youth have been combined with other, often larger, communites. Note: Extensive study will be required for specific situations.

Wikipedia has this to say about
Boutique Manufacturing/Production: Boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of automation.” I would certainly add that it can also include sharing of facilities and services. Many times entrepreneurs with an idea or a product but simply do not have the proper facilities and/or services to “get started” They are often “singularly focused” on their product and service, and without complete business operations support. A Boutique facility would most likely improve their odds for success significantly. Often boutique manufacturing workshops and factories are organized with individual workplaces or production cells carrying out a number of subsequent production steps until completion of certain components or even the whole product.

Boutique Manufacturing not only would have a variety and size of tenants, but also of floor space suitable for each tenant. Common areas could include service areas such as "Mail Handling, Shipping & Receiving”, meeting rooms, computer technology support and services, marketing and sales personnel, shared labor, accounting and bookkeeping, etc. In other words the facility could have a variety of companies that offer a variety of services to a variety of tenants. In other words, it could be a complete business facility with services that all successful companies have.
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