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Boarding Farm

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Boarding Farm
Do you remember Omaha's Boys town of the 40s and 50s?.. before their complex became integrated within the metro residential area? Since then, their original concept was forsaken to become mostly an educational institution. I recall visiting Boys Town in the late 40s... they had dairies, bakeries, manufacturing, gardening and so much more.
Come to think of it, I was brought up in a "Boys Town" environment - it was called a "small farm in Missouri" (I authored a book, Remembering the Journey - the 40s). No it was not a boarding farm - it was a small family farm that was common in that area and in that period of time, but maybe.... think about it.

Boarding Farm - projects & products
Row Crops, Truck Garden, Pasture, Small Grains, Orchard, Hydroponics, etc.
Laying Hens, Broilers, Sows & Pigs, Fattening Hogs, Cows & Calves, Fattening Cattle, Ewes & Lambs, Fattening Lambs, Milk Cows, Goats, Rabbits, Fishworms, etc.
Processing of livestock, fruits,vegetables, etc.

Who: men/women & boys/girls up to 30 years of age. Some live in dormatories, some from nearby communities,  

Education: some to local elementary & secondary schools, some to GE programs, some to educational - computers, mechanics, other trades, some to agricultural/manufacturing/production jobs on-site.
...retired business people and farmers to volunteer/support projects of the community - compensation is certainly possible for those in responsible positions.
...encouraged to attend local churches of their choice.
...for wayward youth, as well as "city" kids... I really could see a series of this type of project... for sure this is not an overnight project, but just think of the positive possibilities!
301 E Oak St, Red Oak IA 51566
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