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"Thought Process that is a product of Mental Activity"
The best place to find a Helping Hand may be at the end of your arm!
one whose activity spealizes in generating IDEAS!
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Big Ideas Club

Why Ideas-Preneur
You can never underestimate the power of Ideas!
Don’t expect entrepreneurs to have a significant and positive impact on local economic development since most fail. Indeed Communities need to prepare for the potential negative impact to the plan for economic development that can occur in the medium term through “creative destruction” as entrepreneurs strive to establish a successful business. Entrepreneurs, creators of new businesses, are rare indeed. Even in strong economies, only 1–2% of the work force starts a business in any given year, and the failure rate is extremely high. The primary reason for the failure rate is because they are often "singularly" focused and do not possess the complete set of business tools that are required for a business to survive and mature. Financial and a Business Plan are often the primary missing elements, and those areas are most often the business aspects that can provide the greatest benefit to the Entrepreneur.

It is important to recognize that entrepreneurs can be vital to the economic development of a local economy ... they can spawn and initate new and fresh ideas,  and may eventually establish new jobs and should be encouraged and supported. The value of entrepreneurs may only be realized if the business environment is receptive to innovation and supporting programs, and integrates the missing and necessary elements required  for a sucessful company.
The basic idea of a Big Ideas Club is to gather individuals/groups/organizations that have a variety of talents and experience that would review/anaylze/disect/guide an idea or a specific project. Success of a specific entrepreneurial project is greatly enhanced when that specific project is reviewed/analyzed/defined/supported by an ongoing "Community" effort. Supportive Big Ideas Club members and participants can be paramount in any new business consideration. Rarely are successful businesses, of any type, spawned "over night"... it can take time and a great deal of analysis and investigation to produce a (potentially) successful business. "Time" can be the friend of entrepreneurial ideas - not the enemy.
The Mission
 to crowdsource ideas, discover solutions, and share knowledge. Our mission is three-fold:
  1.      INSPIRE: Inspire and infuse creativity and discussion of new ideas within and outside educational institution
  2.      SPREAD: Facilitate the spread and engagement of new ideas through discussions, competitions, crowdsourcing, and events
  3.      CHANGE: Implement changes to business and cultures based on new ideas discussed
... focus on the following key areas: Community Economic Benefit, Social Values, Financing, Education, Sciences, Financials, Technology, Psychology, Arts, and Politics
Community Economic Development suggestion:
Big Ideas Club & Workshop
"The wisest mind has something yet to learn".

Have you ever dared to wonder what else there is to learn?..
or have you had an idea, but do not have a clue as to how to describe it, or maybe even to finance it?

This Workshop will be designed and planned to ...
The initial meeting will have an objective to form a local "Social Club" to present and discuss ideas - from anyone! Subsequent meetings will be to analyze select ideas that may warrant further analysis for the determination of potential business for the profitability, as well as employment potential.
I would label the social club as (your community) Big Idea Club, where people can meet regularly to listen, present, participate, etc.

If nothing else, it can be a social group like no other, that can be a lot of fun and would be made up of;
good idea/no idea,
professional/blue collar,
with ideas/without ideas,
advanced degrees/no formal education,

You are invited whether or not you have an Idea!
If you are a passionate, enterprising business person who would like to meet others to share ideas, create relatonships and explore what is possible then I invite you to join this exciting meetup group. Okay, sit in the back if you want!.. just know that you are welcome!
Recently I have discovered an organization far superior to what I have suggested herein. It is a national organization that exceeds anything that I may have suggested - at least as far as organizing within a Community to formally share ideas.
I invite you to visit 1 Million Cups at
204 S Broadway St-Box 459, Red Oak IA 51566
402-305-2575 call or text
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